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  Virtual Engineering's core business is creating 3D engineering animations and visual presentations for the Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering industries. These 3D engineering visualisations assist communication between our customers and their clients. This brings benefits in these key areas:

- Immediacy of communication; conveying lots of technical information in a short space of time and improving project familiarisation.

- Clarity of communication; making information accessible to multi-disciplinary teams at all levels of technical expertise.

- Demonstrating the level of detail that has been reached in terms of the design and the plan for execution of the project.

- Visually highlighting areas of concern or difficulty before a project is undertaken. Particualrly useful in sectors such as the nuclear sector where health and safety animations can help avoid serious accidents.

We deliver only the highest quality presentations, with attention to detail and customer satisfaction being our highest priority. We provide unrivalled value for money and never fail to deliver on time.


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Virtual Engineering offers unique and innovative communication solutions using 3D engineering animations. New applications are emerging all the time, some of which are:

- Bringing to life written method statements
- Visualising engineering processes
- Demonstrating construction sequences
- Creating visual impact studies
- Making engaging site, staff & project inductions
- Illustrating hazard awareness, promoting health & safety
- Showing traffic diversions & crane movement schemes
- Producing simple communication visuals for project stakeholders at all levels.

We deliver 3D engineering visualisations which condense reams of technical information into concise company branded presentations. These can then be viewed and understood by project contributors at all skill levels. This avoids confusion on projects, assists in making informed decisions and creates a common understanding about the scope of work to be undertaken. The benefits created by engineering animations and visualization all save time and money in the long run.






Below is an example of one of our 3D civil engineering presentations. The first presentation was commissioned by a civil engineering and building contractor, who wanted to demonstrate to their client that they were more than just builders. They used the 3d engineering animation to differentiate themselves from their competition by showing that they had acknowledged and understood the sensitive nature of a gas transmission compound and realised the increased health and safety risks associated with undertaking such work on this site.  


This second 3d engineering animation, shows the proceedure for preparing a site, demonstrating alternative pedestrian pathways, the process and order of decommisioning an old ventilation system, setting up a temporarily diverted ventilation system and finally installing the new components of the upgraded  system.  



health and safety signs

We are currently developing our own unique range of 3d animated safety videos. These will be designed to focus on engaging with the viewer and delivering a message in an informative and clear manner. Topics we will be including are:

- Moving and Handling

- Correct Workstation Posture

- Working at Height

These will soon be available to buy and download from this page. However if you require something specific or you would like to have a 3d presentation tailored to your company with branding and your own corporate message please get in touch and we can discuss whatever requirements you may have.



  Virtual Engineering's head office is based in Lytham, Lancashire. From here we carry out work for global companies and organisations.

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